[Chocolate] Ichogo no Thunder -  42g Yuraku Japan

[Chocolate] Ichogo no Thunder - 42g Yuraku Japan

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Strawberry Thunder bite size

The popular "Strawberry Thunder" is now available in a pouch♪

In addition to the pleasant crunchy biscuits, sweet and sour strawberry chips are added as an accent.

Please fully enjoy the cute appearance half-coated with chocolate that goes well with the taste of strawberries, and the well-balanced taste of strawberries and chocolate.

Contents:  42g
Product Company : Yuraku

Expiry Date:
Usually several months, but in the shortest case, it may be the last day of the following month.

Note about chocolate products:
We store it at an appropriate temperature so that it does not melt during storage, but in the summer it may melt during shipping. Even if it melts, there is no guarantee, please understand.

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