[Rilakkuma] Posing Plushie - Rilakkuma San-X Official Japan 2021 [Enjoy! Posing Plush Toy]

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"Anata no sobani Rilakkuma (Rilakkuma by Your Side)" Theme

What if Rilakkuma were in your house?
Rilakkuma might munch, gulp, and even do housework once in a while.
In times like these, Rilakkuma is there for you.
With a few simple words and a comic-style design
This is a series that makes you feel closer to Rilakkuma.

Product Description

A posing plushie.
The arms and legs are gimmicked so you can move them!
You can recreate the poses from the illustrations!
It's also great for taking nude photos.
It's made of soft boa, so it's very comfortable and fluffy!
This plushie is made of soft boa, so it feels very soft and fluffy. Let it sit in your room and relax with Rilakkuma.
You can even put it in your car and drive around with it!

Size: H225 x W115 x D100mm
Made of soft boa, with movable gimmick

Product Company : San-X

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