[Clearance]#[NEW] Mamegoma -Sky Aquarium- Super Mochi Mochi Plushie S-Size -Shirogoma San-X Official 2022

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[NEW] Mamegoma -Sky Aquarium- Super Mochi Mochi Plushie -Shirogoma San-X Official 2022

"Sky Aquarium" Theme

Pukapuka♪ Today, Mamegoma looked up at the sky and found fish swimming above the clouds. It looks like there is an aquarium in the sky.
Mamegoma put on the wings that the cloud whale gave him, and he was able to fly into the sky!
Mamegoma spent a sparkling day gazing at the starry aquarium and playing with fish as fluffy as clouds.


It's a super mochi mochi plushie☁E
A plush toy that is soothing to look at and soothing to touch.
Once you taste it, you'll be addicted!

Super mochi boa
Marshmallow polyester cotton

Size: H55 x W75 x D120mm
Made of super mochi boa and filled with marshmallow polyester cotton

Condition : NEW

Product Company : San-X Official

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