[NEW] Punirunes Pini-Plus PREMIUM Takara Tomy Japan [ OCT 01 2022]

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*Japanese Product. The language is in Japnaese. Takara Tomy 2022.

Includes silicone cover and strap with original design. You can carry it around and play with it cutely.
Specifications (including game contents) are the same as "Puniruns Puni-Plus Pastel Pink".

When you put your finger in the mysterious hole, it feels nice and soft to the touch! It's like touching the characters on the LCD screen!

Puniruns will get excited when you touch them with your finger! If you leave them alone, they might melt...!

Make Puniruns' favorite food and feed them, or help them with things like the toilet, bathtub, and cleaning... you can improve your friendship with Puniruns!

There are 7 mini-games using the Punipuni button, including "Punicrane". Finish the games and get coins!

At the Market, you can shop for items such as "Food Source," "Change," and "Dress Up" with coins!

Puniruns can grow by mixing "Puni no Moto" and "Fushigi Puni"! Depending on the combination, they can become various characters! Which ones will they grow into?

There are more than 55 different characters, including "Enerun" and "Kurun" from the anime. Some of them are rare Puniruns that can be grown by meeting certain conditions...!

Target age: 6 years and older
Product contents: Punirunes Puni-Plus x 1, Instruction manual x 1,Silicon cover x1, Strapx1
Package Size:W260×H135×D75mm
Battery : 3 AAA alkaline dry cell batteries (sold separately)

Company : Takara Tomy

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