[NEW] Rilakkuma -Korilakkuma and Chairoi Koguma with a Shining Jewel Cherry -Burasage Mascot Strap - Korilakkuma San-X Official Japan 2022

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"Korilakkuma and Chairoi Koguma with a Shining Jewel Cherry"- Theme

One day, they found a sparkling jewel cherry.
When they gently touch them, their eyes begin to sparkle like jewels.

Product Description

It is made of soft boa, so it is very fluffy and comfortable!
It comes with a chain, so you can attach it to your pouch, bag, smartphone, etc.

Size: H140 x W110 x D65mm
Made of soft and fluffy boa + soft boa, with metal mascot, with ball chain


Product Company : San-X

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