[Clearance]#[NEW] Rilakkuma -Rilakkuma Marche- Sticker Set A San-X Official Japan 2021

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"Rilakkuma Marche" Theme

One day, Rilakkuma and his friends went shopping at a marche.
They found lots of tasty honey, vegetables, cute bouquets, and other exciting things!
Marche's mascot dog "Marche no Koinu" seems to be guiding them.
A little bit of special happiness in your daily life.
The designs are drawn with a gentle touch.

Product Description

The stickers are here!
The glittery foil stamping is cute... Let's decorate your letters, notebooks, etc. in a cute way!

Package size: H200 x W95mm
Specification: Washi crepe + clear sepa, foil-stamped
Country of origin: Japan


Product Company : San-X

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