[Clearance]#[NEW] Rilakkuma -"Yum Yum Sweets? Amusement Park (Okashina Yuenchi)"- Tenori Plushie Set San-X Official Japan 2022

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"Yum Yum Sweets? Amusement Park (Okashina Yuenchi)"- Theme

Rilakkuma and friends heard that there is an amusement park made of candy.

What kind of delicious amusement park is it?

Rilakkuma's stomach is growling with fantasy as he wonders if he can play on the attractions, wear amusement park goods, and buy souvenirs.

Product Description

Tenori Plushie Set.
Just one set is fun!
Combined together, it's even more fun! Tenori Plushie Set is a set of Tenori plush toys that are fun to play with!
This set includes a Tenori plushie toy and a Tenori plushie doll of Korilakkuma.
The little hands and feet and chunky form are very cute♪
Let them sit in your room and be healed together with Korilakkuma!
You can arrange them in the corner of your room or gather them together and play with them.
Soft and fluffy to the touch because it is made of soft boa...☁E

Korilakkuma size�EšH90×W70×D45mm
Play equipment size: H85 x W60 x D100mm
Set size�EšH160×W70×D100mm
Made of soft boa


Product Company : San-X