[NEW] Sumikko Gurashi - Oheya no Sumi de Tabikibun Sugoroku - Nintendo Switch Japan [DEC 2020]

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*Japanese Product. The language is in Japanese only.

The rules are simple! Bargaining is hot! A sugoroku game (Boardgame, like backgammon)

This is a sugoroku party game in which the characters from Sumicco Gurashi travel through an imaginary world.

The rules are very easy to follow! Choose the sumikko you want to use as your piece, and when the destination is announced, roll the dice and move forward as many times as the number of rolls you make.

You can get "Tapi mile" when you arrive at the destination first, stop at the plus square, or win the mini-game.

The winner is the one who collects as many "Tapi miles" as possible within the allotted number of days (turns).

There are many tricks in the Sugoroku map!

There are various types of squares on the way to the destination, such as the "Kigae Squire", where sumikko and their friends get dressed up without permission, the "Event Squire", where various characters stand and do "something" for you, and the "Mini Game Squire", where you can enjoy 30 different mini-games, allowing you to enjoy the tactics of the players.

The game can be played alone, or with up to four players together if you get your family and friends together. (You'll need a Joy-Con for the number of players.)

Why don't you have a fun time with the game during the winter and New Year's holidays when your friends get together?

Region : Free
Language: Japanese Only
Genre: Party Game
Play mode and number of players: TV mode...1 to 4 players, Table mode...1 to 4 players, Mobile mode...1 player
Communication support: Local play (2-4 players)
Supported devices: Nintendo Switch

Condition : NEW
JAN: 4549767104737
Product Company : NIPPON COLUMBIA

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