[Clearance]#[NEW] Sumikko Gurashi -Youkoso Tabemono Oukoku (Welcome to Kingdom of Foods)- A6 Memo Pad -A San-X Official Japan 2023

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Sumikko Gurashi -Youkoso Tabemono Oukoku (Welcome to Kingdom of Foods)- Theme

One day, a carriage arrived. It seems that it came to pick up Tonkatsu. The carriage arrived at the "Kingdom of Food," a place where leftover food gathers in hopes that one day it will be eaten!

The "Tonkatsu King" of the kingdom used to be a friend of Tonkatsu's who sold out at the supermarket with Tonkatsu. Everyone in the kingdom welcomes Tonkatsu with open arms. It would be nice to live among the leftovers forever. But then, I won't be able to see Sumikko anymore...? Deciding to stay in Sumikko from now on, Tonkatsu returns to his usual Sumikko with everyone else.

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Product Description

Memo pad.
The memo pad comes in a total of 100 sheets of 4 patterns and is very generous♪ It will be useful for various occasions such as small memos and exchanging letters!

Size: H148 x W105mm
Vinyl chloride cover, foil stamping, 100 sheets of 4 kinds of text

Product Company : San-X

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