[Clearance]#[NEW] Sumikko Gurashi -Zassou to Yosei no Ohanabatake- Tenori Plush Toy Set -Penguin? and Tapioka San-X Official Japan 2023

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Sumikko Gurashi -Zassou to Yosei no Ohanabatake- Theme

One day, Sumikko came to a flower garden in the corner of the forest.But there's a little strange flower garden...Sumikko is playing hide-and-seek in the flower garden, but Zassou is good at hiding, so sumikko can't find Zassou...

When sumikko was having trouble finding zassou, sumikko was suddenly enveloped in a sparkling light and turned into a small fairy. Surprised and flying, Sumikko finally found Zassou!All together, a fluffy and fun fairy flower garden ♪

After returning from the fairy flower garden, Zassou remembers that surrounded by beautiful flowers and dreams of becoming the bouquet Zassou longs for.

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Product Description

Tenori plush toy set☆
Even just one set is fun! A set of Tenori stuffed animals that are even more fun when put together ♪ "Penguin?" and "Tapioka" dressed as Suzuran are unique and cute

Size: H65 x W140 x D55mm

Product Company : San-X

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