[Clearance]#[Sanrio] Plush Shoulder Bag (Enjoy Idol Series)- My Melody [DEC 2023] Sanrio Original Japan

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Plush Shoulder Bag (Enjoy Idol Series)

Enjoy being with your favorite idol anytime with the Enjoy Idol series. This versatile bag can be used both vertically and horizontally to accommodate the size of your plush. It features a pocket for photos or instant camera pictures, a removable shoulder strap, and a beaded handle. The partition board includes a pocket for photos or cards on one side and a mesh on the other side for attaching can badges.

Width: 220mm × Depth: 75mm × Height: 140mm
Shoulder Strap Length: 730-1350mm
Beaded Handle: 220mm

Main Materials:
PU, PVC, Steel, ABS

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