[Clearance]#[Sumikko Gurashi] - Tokage to Okasan to Kira Kira na Yoru - Scene Plush Toy San-X Official Japan 2023

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Sumikko Gurashi -Tokage to Okasan to Kira Kira na Yoru- Theme

In this heartwarming story, Tokage knits a scarf for his mother and together with friends, they head to Sumikko Lake. There, amidst a beautiful illumination event, Tokage worries about not being able to find mother. However, their reunion unfolds beautifully. Tokage delivers the scarf and they spend a joyful and contented time together, creating a memorable and heartwarming moment.

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Product Description

This popular plush toy allows you to play with the much-loved "hand-held plush toys"! It's a boat resembling Tokage's mother, and it even comes with a snail wearing a scarf, just like on top!

- Size: H200 x W115 x D250mm
- Material: Polyester

Product Company : San-X

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