[Clearance]#[NEW] Mamegoma "Ouchi de Umikibundepu" -Letter Set San-X Official 2021

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[NEW] Mamegoma "Ouchi de Umikibundepu" -Letter Set San-X Official 2021

"Ouchi de Umikibundepu" Theme

Mamegoma is happy to be surrounded by favorite sea creatures after receiving a set of furniture for aquarium.
Mamegoma may be having fun playing with sea creatures even in dreams.
I feel as if I am in the sea even though I am at home.
"I think I can have a good time today."

Letter sets are now available!

The letterhead and envelope set comes with 4 patterns each.

The letterhead and envelopes come in four patterns each.

Size: H190 x W142mm
Specification: 4 types of letterhead envelopes
Contents: 16 sheets of letter paper, 8 sheets of envelopes

Condition : NEW

Product Company : San-X Official

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