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Rilakkuma -Komorebi Camp-Theme

One day, Rilakkuma saw a feature on TV and wanted to go camping. At that time, Chai roi Koguma invited Rilakkuma to come and play with him! Rilakkuma took the sakosh bag got from Kaoru... and decided to go camping with friends in the honey forest..Inside the "Komorebi" we ate camping meals, slept together in sleeping bags, and woke up a little earlier♪ We had a really fun time camping!

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Product Description

It's a letter set ☆ Includes 4 types of colorful and cute stationery and envelopes!

Size: H190 x W142mm
4 types of stationery envelopes Collated, 24 stationery sheets, 16 envelopes

Product Company : San-X

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