[Rilakkuma] -Nekoneko no Yu - Mini Towel San-X Official Japan 2023

[Rilakkuma] -Nekoneko no Yu - Mini Towel San-X Official Japan 2023

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Rilakkuma -Nekoneko no Yu -Theme

One day, Korilakkuma encountered twin kittens. Following those kittens led to a public bathhouse called "Nekoneko no Yu" (Cat's Bath). Rilakkuma and the others, who had secretly followed along, joined in, and everyone enjoyed the Nekoneko no Yu together. They all felt relaxed in both mind and body~.

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Product Description

It's a Petit Towel☆
It's a size that easily fits in your pocket! Use this absorbent towel as an alternative to a handkerchief!

Size: H210×W210mm
100% Cotton, Shearing finish, Mellow rolled edge.

Product Company : San-X

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