[Clearance]#[Sumikko Gurashi] -Fushigi na Otomodachi- Slim Ruler 15cm -A San-X Official Japan 2023

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Sumikko Gurashi -Fushigi na Otomodachi- Theme

One day, when we were out together...a UFO overhead!? Everyone was sucked into the UFO.There are mysterious friends in the UFO. It seems that they were looking for a tsuchinoko that had strayed, and mistakenly sucked in a nearby sumikko.

Mysterious friends showed Sumikko inside the UFO as an apology. Lots of things never seen before...! "Today is a secret," said Mysterious Friends, and parted ways with Sumikko. Hope we can meet our strange friends again!

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Product Description

It's a slim ruler☆A popular slim type that doesn't add bulk even when you put it in a pen pouch!

Size: H20 x W160mm
Plastic, 15 cm scale

Product Company : San-X

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