[Clearance][NEW] Rilakkuma -Tanpopo to Futago no Hamster- Adhesive Plaster -B San-X Official Japan 2022

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[NEW] Rilakkuma -Tanpopo to Futago no Hamster- Adhesive Plaster -B San-X Official Japan 2022

Rilakkuma -Tanpopo to Futago no Hamster (Dandelion and twin hamsters)- Theme

When Chairoi Koguma and Aoi Ko-Okami were practicing Gaoo! ,they found Kinhamu, a hamster in trouble.They asked, "What's wrong?"
Kinhamu replied, "Ginhamu flew away on dandelion fluff..."Ginhamu is Kinhamu's twin.
"That's terrible!"  They decided to look for Ginhamu together.After looking for a while, Donpi started teasing them by pouring water on them.
Chairoi Koguma defends Kinhamu, while Aoi Ko-Okami threatens Donpi with his Gaoo.When we started looking again, Korilakkuma came from far away.
Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori also seem to be together.Rilakkuma sees Kinhamu and asks, "Is it this hamster you are looking for?"
Rilakkuma turned his back,  Ginhamu is peeking out from inside the zipper.
It seems that Ginhamu had gone on an adventure riding on dandelion fluff and eventually arrived at Rilakkuma's place.
Seeing Ginhamu's relieved and happy face, Chairoi Koguma and Aoi Ko-Okami felt relieved.

Product Description

Three series of cushions.

Adhesive plaster*.
The package contains 5 patterns, 2 sheets per set, and is generous in volume.
Just cute enough to keep in your pouch or bag!

Set size: H185 x W90mm
5 patterns, 2 sheets of 10 sheets, olefin material, made in Japan


Product Company : San-X

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